Outhouse holes, garden spots and smokey skies

The province is burning up. Literally. Fort McMurray is half gone, and there are several other out of control wildfires burning though out Alberta and northern BC. May has just begun and already we have smoky skies. Hell, we had smoky skies back in April. My clothes smell of wood smoke from just being outside.

Wildfire season has started way too soon.

I’m also so amazed at how our province has rallied together to help the 80,000 or so displaced people of Fort McMurray. It actually restores a little faith in humanity. And the photos of the wildfire, they’re so amazing and terrifying all at once. Nature is fierce and wild, you can’t help but admire it (yes, I know, it’s not my home burning).

I wish it would rain. Everyone wishes it would rain. Not just for the fires, but for the pastures and hay land. I don’t know if I can afford to buy hay this year again.

On Sunday, I dug the hole for my outhouse. I’m 5’3″ and its up to my waist. Not done, but I’m so proud of myself and this hole. Small victories.

It took a few hours. And I got several blisters because I didn’t wear gloves (bitch mittens). My hands are more manly than my brother in laws put together ha ha! …ahem.

Did I mention how proud I am? I honestly never believed I would be digging my own shit hole. Seems like such a mans job. But I did it. Me. No help.

Next job: outhouse.

My dad rototilled the garden for mom and so, since it was still on the tractor, he did my brother’s tiny garden, then chugged out to the cabin to see if I wanted a garden spot.

It’s small for now, but in the future, it will grow. Maybe I’ll try and grow some potatoes, carrots and onions this year!

We also finally finished the wiring, and to see if we did it right, we hooked up the generator and flicked the switches.

And the plug ins work. Won’t have power, but it’s nice to know we did it correct.

I’ll probably moving into it sometime soon. It’ll be more or less glorified camping for now, but it’s a home. I bought a small camp stove to cook on in the meantime, and found some cast iron pots, pans and a Dutch oven. Huzzah.

Next step is dry walling the north wall (ugh, I hate drywall) and putting 1×6’s on the ceiling. Then the outhouse, of course.

Stay safe everyone and I hope you’re getting rain.



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